Why Does God Allow Abuse?

Why Does God Allow Abuse? from TrueLife.org on Vimeo.

Josh McDowell shares his story and answers the question, "How could a loving God let abuse happen in every destructive form imaginable?" Couldn’t God stop this madness? This undeserving and unfortunate part of life digs deep within the lives of those who are victims. This special video with Dr. Josh McDowell provides a riveting answer that will alleviate your perception by memorably explaining why a loving God could let such awful events transpire.


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1 Rosa - Sun, January 25, 2015 @ 12:16 AM

Tonight I had an opportunity to share the Gospel with a man named Jeff after Lifebuilders. I was able to prsneet the Gospel and go through the story of creation to the cross. He has many hang ups about religion and the social side of church so I tried to prsneet to truth of Christ to him. Pray that he will be open to reading the book More Than a Carpenter that I plan to give him in the next few days. He openly admitted that he is searching. I hope he will find the truth in Christ.
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